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Corporate culture
★  认真做事、诚实做人 

Do best and Be honest

★  经营理念:恪守承诺、客户至上、高效低耗、创新价值 

Business philosophy: keep promise, customer first, high-effect and low consumption,innovative value

★  以科学的管理、优良的产品、完善的售后服务来赢得同行、海内外消费者的认可。

Scientific management, excellent products and perfect after-sales service make us gain the recognition from our peers and consumers at home and abroad 


Enterprise conviction

★  为消费者提供更高性价比的产品和服务。

Offer more cost-effective products and services to customers

★  顾客、员工、经销商、供应商是企业的最大资产。

Customers, employees, dealers and suppliers are the largest assets of the company

★  对顾客——提供品质优良、价格适中、高性价比的产品和服务。 

To customers——provide products and services with high quality,moderate prices and high cost-effective

★  对员工——提供公平合理的待遇和个人发展空间,使企业成为每个员工成就事业的平台。 

To employees——Providing fair and reasonable treatment and personal development space,which make enterprise to be an achievement platform for every employee

★  对经销商——提供高品质的产品和服务,制订合理的销售制度,互利互惠、实现双赢。

To dealers——Provide high quality products and services and make reasonable sales system to get mutual benefit and win-win situations


Corporate vision:

★  努力锻造国际品牌,创造社会价值。

Strive to forge international brands and create social value


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